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What is an item status and what does it mean?


Item Status in the library catalog (called LINUS) shows the current status of an item in our system. From the item status, you can tell whether the item is available in the library or not. Please contact either the Circulation Desk or Information Desk for more help if you have trouble finding an item.

Here are some examples of item statuses in the catalog, and what they mean:

  • AVAILABLE - This item is not checked out to anyone in our system, and it should be on the shelf (check item location). If an AVAILABLE item is not in its place on the shelf, please visit Circulation to see if it was recently returned or to fill out a search card.
  • DUE [ with date ] - This item is checked out to a patron already. You can consider placing a hold on the item at the Circulation Desk.
  • LOST - This item is unavailable because a patron checked it out and lost it.
  • MISSING - This item is unavailable.
  • DAMAGED - This item is unavailable due to damage.
  • ON SEARCH - This item could not be found, and the library is searching for it. Most likely it is unavailable.
  • IN TRANSIT - Item was previously on hold. Please check shelf, or ask at Circulation.
  • ON HOLD/ON HOLDSHELF - This item is on hold for another patron.
  • LIB USE ONLY - Item is available, but cannot be checked out of the library.
  • IN HOUSE USE - Item cannot be checked out of the library.
  • LINK+ PAGED - This item has been requested by a patron at another LINK+ library, but it may still be available to LMU patrons. Please check the shelf or ask at Circulation.
  • [Due Date] LINK+ OFF CAMPUS - This book is checked out to a LINK+ patron. Please request through LINK+ or ask at the Information Desk for more help.
  • BILLED - This item was checked out to a patron too long and they have been billed for the item. It is unavailable.
  • ON ORDER (or 1 copy ordered for (item location)) - Item is not at the library yet
  • UNDER CONSIDERATION - Item has been requested but not yet ordered

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