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How can I get a book if I'm a distance student or I live far from campus?


If you are a graduate student in a distance education program, or if you live at a distance from LMU and only come in a few times a week:

  • You can request books through LINK+ and have them sent to other participating libraries through a program called "Pick up Anywhere", then pick them up at that library.
  • Some libraries in LINK+ also participate in "Visiting Patron", where you could go to a library on this list and check out a book at their library by presenting your LMU OneCard.


To use Visiting Patron, just check the list of participating libraries and find the library closest to your home. You can search their library catalog for books you'd like to check out, check their library hours, and drop by to check out those books.


To use Pick Up Anywhere, find a book in LINK+ that LMU does not own. (Check if LMU owns the item by searching from LINUS, the LMU library catalog.) To request, choose "Request This Item".

Please note: If LMU owns the book, the LINK+ system will refuse the request and remind you to get the book from your library. If you are a distance education student who never visits campus, and you are near a public library that participates in LINK+, you may want to consider a public library card from a LINK+ library participant - that way, you can request books from LMU through LINK+ without getting this error message. You can also contact the LMU Library Document Delivery Services office for more help.


Once you have clicked "Request This Item", you will be asked to identify your affiliation with a LINK+ institution. Select "Loyola Marymount University" from the drop-down - on the next page, you'll be asked to log in with your LMU information.

Then, log in with your MyLMU information (and choose if you are a student or faculty/staff), OR log in with your name and barcode information.

TO REQUEST THAT THE BOOK BE SENT TO ANOTHER LIBRARY: At this point, you'll also want to pull down the boxes below the login fields that say "Loyola Marymount" to the library where you'd like to pick up the book.


The libraries that participate in the "Pick Up Anywhere" program in LINK+ are listed in the drop-down menu.

Once the book has arrived at the library you requested, you will receive a notification in your email that the book is on the holdshelf for you. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Document Delivery Services office for more information.

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