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How do I print from my laptop to the library printers?


Use PrintMe

To print to the PrintMe printer in the library, send your document to or upload to the PrintMe website. Visit the PrintMe station and swipe either your OneCard or a credit card to pay. 

Download wireless print driver

Wireless printing software will let you skip the line at our walk-up computers and go straight to swiping at the print stations. Install our wireless printing plug-in to print from your personal computer.

  1. Select the appropriate plug-in from the link below based on the type of computer you have (Mac or Windows) and the printer you want to print to (black and white Information Commons printers, color printer, or the photocopiers on all three floors).
  2. Download the plugins from the link below.

Download wireless printing plugins here

Pro tip: If you want to study upstairs and print more quickly, you can install the photocopier plug-in and pick up your print job at the photocopier on any of the three floors!

Error messages or other issues?

Scroll down to Troubleshooting on the wireless printing page for help fixing the most common issues with installation. 

Please visit the Information Desk if you need more help with troubleshooting the installation.

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