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Where can I return my library book?


Library items can be returned to the Circulation Desk or dropped off at one of the library return book or media bins on campus. Only library books should be dropped off in the library book bins and library media should be dropped off in the media bins. Specialty media should only be dropped off at the library and not placed in the media bins. Book rentals should be returned to the campus bookstore and not placed in the library return book bins. If you need to confirm your books have been received or if you have any other questions about your library account, please feel free to contact the Circulation Desk at


Locations of Library Book and Media Return Bins

1. Lincoln Blvd and LMU Drive exit near guard station (bluff side, take a U-turn before the guard station)

  • To reduce traffic near the gate, please visit in the evenings (preferably after 6pm) or on weekends. You can use the cut-out to the left to exit with a U-turn before the guard station, and then drop your books off on the passenger side as you exit. 

Take a U-turn before the guard station   Return bin on the bluff side as you exit toward Lincoln


2. Ignatian Circle Drive (outside of the Burns Fine Arts Center, west of the library)

Ignatian Circle return bins


3. University Hall Parking Structure (P1-Faculty and Staff parking level)

U Hall bins


4. Outside Library (in front of the library, near the entrance)


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