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How do I print?


Need help with printing in the library? Please ask at the Information Desk for assistance. 

Printing Services in the Library:

  • Black and white printing costs 10 cents per side. Four HP printers in the Information Commons (called WHH_InfoCommons) will print in black and white. 
  • Color printing costs 25 cents per side. The color printer (WHH_Color_Ricoh) is located at the back of the library, past Circulation, in the Level 1 copy room. Color printing requires Flexi-dollars (printing credit cannot be used).
  • All three photocopiers (WHH_Ricoh_iMFP) on each floor in the library can print in black and white, at 10 cents per side.
  • LMU current students, staff, and faculty receive $20 printing credit each year.
  • Add Flexi-dollars to your OneCard or a visitor / VTS card at the VTS machine in the Level 1 copy room.

How to Print:

  1. Decide where you want to print - on the Mac side, WHH Info Commons is the four black and white printers, WHH Color Ricoh is the color printer, and Ricoh iMFP is the photocopiers (job will display on all three photocopiers).

  2. Select File, change the printer name to the desired destination (listed above), and hit Print. 
  3. Name the file in the pop-up box. Although the box will prompt for a username, anything can be entered in these fields.
  4. Slide your OneCard, visitor card or VTS card in the reader at the machine. For WHH InfoCommons, the swipe screens are on the column between the four printers.
  5. At the card reader, find your named file, and then tap the name with the corner of your card (the screen of the card reader is not very touch-sensitive). As you highlight the name of your print job, there will be text near the bottom left showing the number of pages and total price of the print job. Further down, the total printing credit and Flexi balance on your card will be displayed.
  6. Tap "Print". The name of the printer that is handling your print job will appear at the bottom of the screen. Print jobs at WHH InfoCommons are sent to any of the four printers, so if you send multiple print jobs at once, they may go to separate printers.

WHH InfoCommons printers image

WHH InfoCommons printers

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