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How do I reserve a Group Study Room, Presentation Room, or Media Viewing/Listening Room?


Reserve Online

Current LMU students, faculty, and staff may reserve the group study rooms online, up to two weeks in advance. LMU alumni and Loyola Law School students may only reserve on a drop-in basis.

  • Start at the library website and select "Study Rooms".

Library website study rooms link


  • Click on Book A Group Study Room.
  • Select Login first to log into the group study room system, using your MyLMU username and password. This will only work for LMU current students, staff, and faculty. LMU Alumni and Loyola Law School students may only reserve on a drop-in basis by visiting the Information Desk.


AgilQuest reservation system - login link



AgilQuest - Calendar search button highlighted


  • Red lines indicate reservations. Reserve a room by double-clicking on a blank space. This will open a group study room reservation form.


AgilQuest - Calendar search view


  • Choose a Reservation Name (something generic like Study, or something more descriptive). Your name and this Reservation Name will appear on the panel at the group study room door. 


Group study room reservation form


  • Edit the time for your reservation, if desired. Click on the clock icon to choose a different time for the reservation to start or end.
  • You must check in for your reservation within 15 minutes of your reservation start time. You may reserve a group study room for up to four hours at a time, and if you reserve a room more than once there must be at least an hour between the reservations. It is not possible to reserve a room more than two weeks in advance.


Changing start or end times with clock icon

Check In

You will need to check into your reservation within 15 minutes of its start time.

You can check in at the door of your study room by swiping your LMU OneCard into the panel by the door or signing into MyLMU at the door, and then touching the "Check In" button.

You can also check in online via the Agilquest website. Click on "My Reservations" (as seen in the picture below) and then choose "Check In".

Logged in user drop down options

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