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How do I log into the computers in the library?


Signing into the computers:

LMU students, staff, and faculty can use their MyLMU credentials to log into the computers in Information Commons. If you have forgotten your MyLMU credentials, you can click on this link to reset your MyLMU password.

Visitors (including LLS students and LMU alumni) will need to fit one of several specific categories and show a picture ID & proof of qualification at the Information Desk. Please check here for details about the categories and other policies for guest computer access. During the last two weeks of fall and spring semesters, guest access is not available.

Signing in to Windows operating system:

LMU staff, faculty, and guests (all users except students) who log into the Windows side of the computers in Information Commons must add lmumain\ before their username (i.e. lmumain\gsmith).

If you log into the Windows side of a computer in Information Commons and receive an error message saying "No logon servers available," you should:

Check that the computer can access the Internet. Sometimes, the Windows side has difficulty connecting to the server because it is used less often than the Mac side. If you need to reset the Internet connection, you should first locate the Ethernet cord, which is plugged into the back of the computer and the outlet underneath the table. Next, you should unplug the Ethernet cord from both the computer and the outlet and then plug the cord back into both slots. Finally, try again to log into the computer. If the computer still can't access the Internet, a staff member at the Information Desk will be happy to help you troubleshoot!

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