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How do I add value to the Flexi account on my LMU OneCard, library borrower's card, or LMU conference card?


For printing or photocopying purposes, patrons should add value to their Flexi-Dollar accounts.

Do you have cash to add value?

You can use one of the several VTS (also called AMC) machines located on campus. These machines only accept paper money ($1 denomination or more). There is a machine located at the back of the William H. Hannon Library, on the right-hand side of the Information Commons, in the Level 1 copy room. At the machine, it is possible to add Flexi to a OneCard, library borrower card, or LMU conferences card using cash. If you don't have one of these cards, you can purchase a copy card from the VTS machine. To purchase a card, you must deposit at least $2.00 in cash ($1.00 for the card itself and $1.00 as a minimum value). 

Don't have any cash with you?

It is possible to add money to your LMU OneCard, library borrower card, or LMU conferences card by using your debit or credit card information, online through the OneCard Office. There is a $2 fee attached to online transactions through this system. Also, when depositing money online, the transaction must be at least $5. OneCard holders should know their University ID before clicking on "Add Cash Now" on the OneCard Office's website. Patrons with a VTS card or conference card can add money online by using the number printed on the front of their OneCard as the university ID. For Loyola Law School students, the University ID is provided with OneCard registration.

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