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How do I read this ebook?


The library subscribes to hundreds of thousands of titles in ebook form. 

In the library catalog, an ebook record will have a link that leads you to the full text of the book - either a long link or a short one, as pictured below.

Library Catalog Ebook links

Ebooks can also have limitations on the number of concurrent users (people who can have the book open at once at LMU). Check for this on the library record, next to concurrent users. For example, for the book in the image below, only one user may have it open at a time. 

Ebook library record - lending rules including concurrent users

Read Online or Download an Ebook

Once you have clicked through to the ebook, you generally can read the book online by scrolling through it. Some books may also offer the option to print part of the book or to download the entire book. The library offers ebooks from a variety of vendors and publishers, and they have different rules about the amount of access you are allowed. 

Usually, you will need to create an account in the database to download an ebook. A download of an ebook is like a rental - usually, you can only download the book for a defined period of days. You will most likely need to download special software, like Adobe Digital Editions, which opens .acsm files.

Please ask at the Information desk or contact us through chat or by phone for more help. 

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