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How do I check into my group study room reservation? What should I do if the panel by the door is off or not responding?


The group study room panels are connected to the online system, but if they are off or not connecting, you should still check in online. To check in, go back to the Group Study Rooms site (using your phone, laptop, or a walkup computer on the same floor). Instructions and a video are below.

Check In Online

VIDEO: Checking into your group study room

Sign in to the group study room system by clicking on Book a Group Study Room and signing in with your MyLMU information.

Scroll down to find the Upcoming Reservations section.

AgilQuest upcoming reservations section below booking

Starting the day of your reservation, and up to fourteen minutes after the start of your reservation, you will see a check in button. 

Upcoming Reservations example reservation with check in button available

Checking into your reservation confirms that you have (or will) arrive for your reservation. Checking in is necessary so that the system will not automatically delete your reservation at fifteen minutes past the start time. You can check in the day of the reservation if you're not going to be available right at the start of the reservation (for example, if you made the reservation and another group member will be earlier than you).

Do not check in to a reservation you may want to cancel or move later - once you have checked in to a reservation, the system enforces the one hour back-to-back rule and you won't be able to make a new reservation for an hour after the time that reservation was cancelled. 

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