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I'm not sure if this book is a print book or an e-book. How can I tell if we have an e-book version?


When you search in the library catalog, you may see both print books and e-books in the results. You can tell whether you are looking at a physical item by looking at the search results page.

For more assistance finding e-books in the library, see our How To: Find E-books (in Linus Catalog) Youtube Video.

Library catalog search with print and e-book results

Under the title and author information for a book that is located in the library, you'll see the location, call number, and status of that book.

Zoom in of library catalog page showing the Location, Call Number, and Status section of print book record

For e-books, there will be no preview of location information and the icon to the left will be slightly different to show that it is an e-book. 

Outline around ebook icon to left of e-book record

If you are not sure, click on the title of the book and check the full record for the book. If the title is an e-book, you will see a Read Online link or a long URL that you can click on. 

E-book library catalog record, with Read Online link outlined

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