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I need to find the bookmark link for something in the library catalog. How do I do that? 


To make it easier to come back to something you find in the library catalog, you can copy the "bookmark link" for the item. In the library catalog, there is a link to Bookmark Link For This Record. 

Highlight box around Bookmark link for this record, located under the title and item location information.

Once you click Bookmark link for this record, you will see the URL at the top of the page change. It will become a stable link that you can copy and use to return to this item later. Copy that whole link if you need to email the link to yourself or share it with a friend or librarian. 

Highlight around URL at top of page, where it has become a shorter, stable link.

If you have any trouble with going through this process or if you need help finding books in the library catalog, please ask a librarian through our 24/7 chat service. 

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