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How do I print?


Black and White Printing

Printing in black and white costs 10 cents per side at all printers. 

Video: Printing to the WHH Black and White printers from library computers

  • From any library computer, print to WHH Black and White printer option. 
    • Set all of your print settings (double- or single-sided page, etc.) and hit Print. 
    • Enter a username (or anything you'll recognize) in the pop-up box. This will be how you find the print job. 
    • Go to the WHH Black and White printers, located on Level 1 near the group study rooms, on the north west side of the Information Commons.
    • Slide your OneCard or a VTS/Borrower's Card at the card readers on the column between the printers. 
    • Tap on your username in the list, and check that the number of pages and cost of the print job is correct toward the bottom of the screen.
    • Tap Print. The card is more sensitive to tapping with your nail or your OneCard. 
    • Print jobs at WHH Black and White 4 are sent to any of the four printers, so if you send multiple print jobs at once, they may go to separate printers.
  • From your own computer, print:

Color Printing

Printing in color costs 25 cents per side.

  • From any library computer, print to the color printer, WHH Color 4, which is located in the Level 1 copy room at the back of the library.
    • Follow the instructions above for the black and white printers, but make sure the printer name is set to WHH Color 4. 

Paying for printing

  • LMU current students, staff, and faculty receive $20 printing credit each academic year.
  • Add more funds to your Flexi account to print:
    • Using cash, at the VTS machine in the library copy room.
    • Using debit or credit, online through the OneCard Office's website.
  • No OneCard or Flexi? 
    • Pay using MasterCard or Visa at the PrintMe printer.
    • To copy or print at other printers in the library, purchase a VTS card for $1 at the VTS machine in the Level 1 copy room.

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