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Can I print onto special paper or different-size paper in the library?


Our printers and photocopiers are all stocked with 8.5 by 11 (letter size) paper, with the exception of 11x17 paper available in the color printer (see below).

Unfortunately, the library printers are not equipped to print on special paper (for instance, colored paper or resume paper). We also do not stock paper of varying sizes for the black and white printers and photocopiers. Our printers are set up to print from any tray, and in some cases, to any one of several printers, so we cannot change the paper types in the printers.

Printing on 11 by 17 (tabloid size) paper

From the CFA computers A-H, it is possible to print on 11x17 size tabloid paper. Select 11 by 17 paper size and the color printer, and the printer should choose the correct tray. This will cost the same as a normal print job at the color printer (costs and more information here).

Specialized printing options available at Campus Graphics

If you need to print onto different types of paper, please contact Campus Graphics, located in P2 of University Hall (the parking garage, under Roski), for assistance.

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