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How can I get a book if I'm a distance student or I live far from campus?


Students in Northern California

If you would like to access books owned only by LMU in Link+, sign up for a library card at a local Link+ participating public library and request through Link+ using your public library card. Requesting using your MyLMU information will lead to an error while trying to request from LMU library holdings in Link+. For more information, check out the Books for Distance Students section of the Education LibGuide.

Students in the Degree Completion Program in San Bernardino

Please see this FAQ for options in your program.

Students otherwise at a distance from campus

If you are near another participating Link+ library (much of California or part of Nevada):

  • You can request books through LINK+ and have them sent to other participating libraries through a program called "Pick up Anywhere", then pick them up at that library. Check the Pick Up Anywhere FAQ for directions.

  • Some libraries in LINK+ also participate in "Visiting Patron", where you could go to a library on this list and check out a book at their library by presenting your LMU OneCard. More information.

If you are not near other participating Link+ libraries:

  • The library's e-books are available from anywhere - use the Advanced Search to search by Material Type "E-book" and enter any keywords in the search.

Reach out to our librarians for more help, including webconference research consultation appointments.

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