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Where can I check out an adapter for my Mac to connect to the TV in the group study room?


Check out equipment at Circulation

Adapters, Ethernet cables, VGA or HDMI cables, and headphones may be checked out at the Circulation Desk. These are for use only in the library.

Find the cable you need for your room

  • In Level 1 and Level 3 rooms, there is a connection for a VGA cable in an outlet box on the floor. Mac users will also need to check out an adapter for that VGA cable to connect the cable to their Mac. Media Viewing Rooms on Level 2 have cables in the box on the wall.
  • In Easy Display Rooms, there is an outlet in the wall with the option to use either VGA or HDMI cables. 
  • Standard Group Study Rooms #303-306, 310-313, and Media Listening Rooms do not have TV screens. 

Find the adapter you need for your Mac

VGA cable? Choose the adapter suited to your Macbook type

A: DVI to VGA (older Macbook Pros – silver)

B: Micro-DVI to VGA (Macbook Air)

C: Mini Display Port to VGA (current Macbook and Macbook Pro models - aluminum)

D: Mini-DVI to VGA (white Macbooks)

HDMI cable? Use Adapter F, which is available for checkout for Easy Display rooms.

F: Mini Display Port to HDMI (current Macbook and Macbook Pro models - aluminum)


More instructions for connecting your laptop to the TV here or use the instructions hanging from the TV screen. For more help, ask at either Circulation or Information Desks on Level 1.

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