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How do I reserve a library classroom?


Only LMU Faculty and Staff may reserve the library classrooms. The library classrooms on Level 1 are used primarily for library instruction, and these reservations have priority over other reservations in the rooms. The classroom on Level 3 is reserved primarily by the Registrar for regular class sessions.

  • If you are a faculty member looking for library instruction for your class, please visit our Library Instruction webpage. Please note, librarians require two weeks' notice to prepare customized instruction for your class.
  • If you are an LMU faculty or staff member and you wish to reserve a room for purposes other than library instruction, please start from our Library Classrooms page and select the room you wish to reserve to find out how to reserve that room.
  • To reserve the classrooms on the first floor (WHH 117 or WHH 118), please complete the Library Classroom Request Form. Please note: we do not reserve the first floor classrooms for non-library events more than a week in advance, in order to give priority to library instruction classes. WHH 117 is a normal classroom with moveable tables and an instructor station, while WHH 118 is an e-classroom with 36 student computers and an instructor station. (More description available on Library Classrooms page.)

WHH 117:

Library classroom WHH 117

WHH 118:

Library classroom WHH 118

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