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Are there public lockers that I can use?


Public lockers are located on Level 1 and Level 3 of the library. Lockers on Level 1 are for general use free of charge, while lockers on Level 3 are intended for visitors to Archives and Special Collections. 

Some lockers have power outlets, and others are large enough to accommodate a skateboard. Public lockers are not intended for long-term use and will be cleared regularly. Items left in lockers will be taken to the library's Lost and Found in Circulation and eventually turned over to the Department of Public Safety. Please check with the Circulation Department if you have any questions about the lockers. 

               Level 1 lockers              

First floor locker                      

Faculty lockers are located in the Faculty Commons on the third floor and designed for semester use. Please see the Circulation Desk to arrange for a locker assignment. See more about locker policies on our website.

                 Faculty lockers

Faculty Commons locker

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