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How can I record myself in the Group Presentation Room?


All of the Information Commons computers (including the Group Presentation Room computers) have DeepFreeze software on them, which deletes all documents upon restart. Please save all work to an external source like Google Drive, Dropbox, or a flash drive. Video files are often too large to save to your email.


How to record a video with the Logitech C910 in the Library Group Presentation Rooms:

1.       Launch the Logitech Webcam Software and select “Quick Capture”.

                           Logitech software      

2.       Prepare to record:

         a.      Select "Video" as depicted in the picture below.

         b.      Choose your Resolution.

                    i.      The best video quality settings are:

                           1.      Widescreen

                           2.      1080p

         c.      Pan, tilt, and zoom as needed using the available controls.

3.       To start recording, click on the blue-green video camera icon below the preview window.

         a.      The default location for video files is the Desktop.

Settings for quick capture - choose video, select zoom


If you would like to convert the recording from a .wmv file to another file format:

The HP laptops in the Group Presentation Rooms have Handbrake software on them (icon looks like a pineapple), which allows you to convert videos from a .wmv file to an .mp4, .mov, or .mkv file.

On the Mac side of the computers in Information Commons, you can convert the video file using Flip4Mac software. First, open up the .wmv file in Quicktime, and then select "Save As" an .mov file.

Please note: Converting your video file will take some time and may increase the size of the file.


Instructions for connecting your laptop to the LCD screen:

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