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Where can I find Bibloi (Bible Windows)?


Bibloi, previously called "Bible Windows," is on all of the computers in Information Commons. However, it is ONLY found on the Windows side of the computers (in the Programs folder). Bibloi is a program used for reading, studying, and searching the Bible.

Read more about Bibloi in the library catalog


To launch Bibloi or Encyclopedia of Islam from any computer in Information Commons, including the computers at the Reference desk:

1. Go to the Start Button > All Programs > Windows Virtual PC > WinXP Legacy (12345) Applications.

2. Click on Bibloi or Encyclopedia of Islam (WinXP Legacy 12345) to launch.

3. The virtual machine will load and you will be prompted to enter a password for VirtualXP-77637\XPMUser.

    The password is 12345. Click on "OK" and the application should open.


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