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How do I request a book from another library through Link+?


Link+ is a consortium of about 50 libraries that have agreed to loan books to each other. You can usually receive a book from a Link+ library within 3-4 business days (Monday through Friday).

  • Start by checking that we do not own the book at LMU by searching for the title
  • If we do not have it, click on the Link+ button, which should be to the right of your search. 
  • If no results were found, look for the Link+ button on the Advanced Search page.

Link+ logo

Once you click on the Link+ button, you can search in the Link+ catalog. If you searched for a title, it will usually duplicate the search in Link+.

Link+ results page

Sometimes, libraries own different versions of the same book. For example, in the image above, the second option is a large print version of the book, and the first option is probably a paperback version.

If you're not sure which version you need, you can click on the title of each and read more description about the book - sometimes, there will be a table of contents. Also, near the bottom of the page, there will be a list of all of the libraries that own this book and whether it is available at their library.

Once you have decided you want to request the book, click on the Request it button.

Link+ book record with request it button highlighted

Link+ books typically arrive within 3-4 business days (Monday - Friday). There are some exceptions for holidays, which are generally posted on the Link+ site, as some universities and public libraries may close during holidays.

Once you have requested a Link+ book, you can check the status under My Account. You will also receive an email when it has arrived, and you can come to the Circulation Desk to pick it up.


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