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How do create and view lists in my library account?


You can create lists using your LMU library account. These can be helpful when saving books to read later or organizing your library sources. To add a book to a library list:

1. Once you have found a library item, a book, e-book, or movie, that you would like to add, click on the item record.

screenshot of item record

2. On the item record page, click "Add to My List".

screenshot of add to my list link in linus

3. Log into your library account using your LMU username and password. 

4. In the "Save Records to a List" dropdown menu, select an existing list or "Create a new list". 

screenshot of library list submission

5. Click "Submit" to save the item to your list.

After using the search box, you can also save multiple items to a list by clicking the checkbox next the item then clicking "Add Marked to My Lists".

screenshot of checkbox and selecting items

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