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How do I make changes to an existing group study room reservation? How do I change the time of my group study room reservation?


If you have already checked into the reservation, you can either cancel the reservation (if it hasn't happened yet) or Check Out of the reservation to end your session and free the room for new users. If you realize you’d like to change the time of your reservation after making it, you can also edit the reservation. 

To start editing, find the reservation in your reservations or under Upcoming Reservations. Click on the name of the reservation (whatever you put in the form initially). In this example, the name is Test.

Once you click on the name of the reservation, a reservation details page should open. 

This page will show you the status of the reservation (Awaiting Check In), the date and time of the reservation, as well as any Reservation Actions that are available. These options will depend on the status of your reservation – click Reservation Actions to see your options.

If you want to change the reservation time, click on the time you want to edit and change the time using the up and down arrows or by typing the time you want. There are some restrictions:

  • You cannot reserve any room for more than four hours or reserve more than two weeks in advance
  • You cannot have two reservations less than one hour apart
  • You may not be able to reduce the total time of your reservation – to do that, consider hitting Check Out when you have finished.

If you do not want the reservation at all, there is an option to cancel, or if you haven’t checked in yet, do not check in and the reservation will cancel 15 minutes after the start time.

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