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If the library doesn't own this book or article, can I get a copy? How do I request interlibrary loan?


Interlibrary loan allows you to request books and articles from other libraries. LMU offers two types of interlibrary loan services, Link+ and ILLiad. Interlibrary loan services are free and available to LMU current students, staff, and faculty. These services are not available to some patrons, like visitors or alumni - please talk with a librarian to investigate other options.


The fastest way to request books from other libraries, books usually arrive within 3-4 business days.


A great way to get articles quickly or to request books that Link+ does not have available. Articles requested through ILLiad generally arrive within five business days (depending on availability), and you'll receive a PDF in your ILLiad account. Books requested through ILLiad may take some time to arrive, see more information.

Other options

If you're not near LMU, there are still options to access books in some cases. For book chapters or articles, follow the steps above under ILLiad.

  • If you're in California / Nevada: Link+ offers two services, Visiting Patron and Pick Up Anywhere, that might help you get access to books you need. Visiting Patron means you can stop into participating Link+ libraries if they have a book you want to check out - just make sure to check their hours. Pick Up Anywhere is an option to ship books to another participating library - this will work as long as the book isn't available at LMU. Learn more about both services and which libraries participate here.
  • If you're in the U.S. or Canada, and/or not near a Link+ library: WorldCat allows you to search for libraries that have a specific book or journal. While some libraries have limits on who can come into their libraries, others allow visitors to read or copy materials without checking them out. Sometimes, this can be a faster option than interlibrary loan, if you're able to travel to that library. Make sure to check with the library about their policies before visiting. 

Need more help?

Check out the Borrow from Another Library page for more information or contact a librarian through chat, phone, or at the Information Desk. 

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